Learning about your star sign just got easier with this Instagram account

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Let the ‘gram guide you.

It’s no secret we love fashion, beauty and astrology here at Miss FQ. So when we found out that the people operations manager at cult beauty brand Glossier had launched an Instagram astrology account we were instantly sold!
Nadine Head-Gordon launched Nadine Jane Astrology after being constantly asked to take her word-of-mouth on-the-fly astrological readings into the digital world.

Born March 21-April 19 ♈

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As a side hustle, it works perfectly. Nadine’s Instagram account posts sassy astrological readings in bite-sized portions, meaning you can check in on your star sign on the go with one quick easy scroll. Learn about your Aquarius ruler or your Moon in Libra, 2018 mantra and Cancer compatibility.
In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Nadine said: “The thing about Instagram is it’s so my generation. I love astrology and I’ve learned so much online, but the issue with the websites is they’re super long-winded; they’re not easily digested. If you can teach people astrology through three sentences at a time, that is where you’re going to get our generation to start understanding astrology.”

And while you can totally be forgiven for signing up to this Instagram account simply on the basis of convenience, what you might not realise is that, as educational as it is, it’s also extremely beautiful to look at. Nadine uses imagery from aspirational brands, like Mansur Gavriel, as a complementary background to star sign information.
It’s a side hustle she hopes one day will make a full-time job and at the rate that it’s going, we think it will be.

Born April 20-May 20 ♉

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Words: Ella Francis
Pictures: c/o nadinejaneastrology.com and Instagram.

Watch Instagrammer @starlit_makeup create makeup looks for each astrology sign:

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