Ralph Lauren has dropped a Friends collection based on Rachel Green’s wardrobe

Could we BE any more into this?

When Friends came to Netflix and became our favourite binge-watch, there were a few surprises. The lack of diversity and the homophobic punchlines hadn’t aged well, but one thing that really had was the fashion.

All three of the female stars had some stellar looks over the course of the show, especially in the early seasons, but the sartorial champion of the show was 100% Rachel Green, who worked for Bloomingdales and then Ralph Lauren.

In tribute to Rachel and the show which debuted 25 years ago in September, Ralph Lauren has dropped a Friends collection and we are not exaggerating when we say late 90s fashion has never looked so good.

Need more proof that Rachel Green had the ultimate workwear wardrobe? Then take a peek at some of her best looks as curated by us.

This article originally appeared on Grazia UK.

Words: Rebecca Reid
Photos: Getty Images


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