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A survival guide for this first week back at work

Careers expert Sarah Berry shares how to put your work resolutions into practice.

There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting down at your desk at 8.30am on the first day back in January. You’ve just got used to not checking emails and your daily routine for the last few weeks has solely consisted of laying on a beach, eating leftovers and drinking a glass of ice cold rosé here and there. Until suddenly, you’re back at your desk – and party season has abruptly come to an end.
It’s sad as hell. But, it doesn’t have to be. Because, not to get all The Secret on you while you’re still hungover from NYE, but this is the chance for a fresh start. All that time you spent last year planning your new work resolutions? Now is the time to actually put them into practice.
With that in mind, we spoke to a careers experts about all the things you can do to take your New Year resolutions from a great idea to an actual plan of action.

Make a date with yourself

“It is you who is going to benefit from doing your dream job or having your perfect set-up so you are the one who has to action your to-do list,” says Sarah Berry, director of Career Consultants. “Set aside time each week to work on your plan – this is your gift to yourself so make this a special time. Small action steps lead to big things.”

Talk yourself up with positive affirmations

“You need to be the one who supports your ideas and plans,” Berry adds. “Start believing in yourself and stop listening to your own negativity. Write a list of all of the skills you have that qualify you to do what you need to do.”

Create a visual aid

“Having a clear vision is the key to year-round motivation and ultimately achieving your New Year career resolutions and goals,” says Sophie Finlay, Director at UK’s Bridgewater Recruitment Group. “I find it useful to put together a collage of images that represent my goals and to display it somewhere that I will see it every day. Having a visualisation board will remind you what you are working for every day, keep you on track and be a great motivation booster.”

Focus on the outcome and write it down

“Write down what you will gain by taking the necessary action,” says Berry. “How will you feel once you have accomplished this goal? What will your new life look like? How proud will you be of yourself? Keep your focus on your goal and end result and take action now.”

Make time each week to remind yourself what you deserve

“You have been born to fulfill certain tasks and roles,” Berry advises. “The world can wait for you but ask yourself, ‘Why am I putting this off?’, ‘What am I wasting my time doing instead of living my dream?’, ‘What gift is trying to be born through my actions?'”
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